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Adding A Doughnut Chart to Ionic 3 Application

In this tutorial we are going to add a Doughnut Chart to an Ionic application using Chart.js Start by generating a new app using the command below

Now make it your working directory

Next we need to install the Chart.js by running the command below

Now let’s update src/pages/home/home.html to the following

Here we added the canvas to display the chart and also we added two fab buttons we will use to update the chart Now let’s modify src/pages/home/home.ts to the following:

As you can see here we imported Chart.js to the template and we created […]

Fix: Error: Cannot find module ‘/node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts’

I got this error when I tried running my newly created Ionic3 App using the command

To fix this error you need to downgrade Node.js to 6.12.2 by running the commands below

Then you need to install @ionic/app-scripts by running

Happy Coding!!!

Using AppRate for your Ionic 2.0 App

In this tutorial we are going to allow the users to rate our ionic app on Google Play and Apple Store. Let’s create the app using the command below

We need to add IonicNative to the App, run the command below

Run the commands below to add the AppRate plugin

Let’s create a button so that the user can tap on it and rate our App. open home.html and add the button below

Open home.ts and lets’s import what we need

Add the following variable before the constructor

Configure the storeApp details in the constructor […]

Upload Images to Firebase Storage Using Ionic Framework

In this tutorial we are going to use Ionic 2 App to upload images to Firebase Storage. Before writing any code follow Ionic Framework documentations to make sure that your development environment is up to date. Let’s start by Firebase setup. Go to Firebase Console ( and create a new Project, call it myPhotos     On Storage create a new folder call it Photos     Now let’s create the App by running the command below through the Command Prompt

  Assuming you are using the latest ionic release; this command will open a browser window with the […]

Creating A Password Protected Zip File Using PowerShell

We will use PowerShell to do the following: Create a Random Password Create a zip file and protect it using the random password Send the zip file and the password on 2 separate emails   Creating a random password: The script below will create a string of 8 characters which contains 2 Non Alpha Numeric Characters

  Creating the Zip file: Note the arguments section where you speicfy the password

  Sending the Emails: First let’s send the csv file as attachment

Now let’s send the password

  Thanks for reading… 🙂

Share A ScreenShot In Ionic2

Social sharing is a very popular capability that you can add to your app to increase the user engagement and improve your App brand. We’re going to take a look on how you can use Ionic Native to take a screenshot of a screen in your Ionic App and share it using Facebook. For this you you need the following: Ionic 2 App. Follow ionicframework documentations to start a blank project Social Sharing Plugin – Follow Ionic Native documentations to add it to your App Screenshot Plugin – Follow Ionic Native documentations to add it to your App   Let’s add a button to allow the user […]